Restarting with a focus on food, hospitality, and finance

It’s been almost four years since my last post on the Fat Guy from Brooklyn blog. It feels like a lifetime ago, the whole world changed, and as a person, so have I. Appropriately, the brand has taken on my refined personality and views. There are no more following trends and there are no more desserts- just burgers, steaks and living life!

To compliment this new me I’ve decided to include a new personal challenge as well: make $100,000 a year outside of my regular income. Afterall, those juicy burgers and mouth watering cuts of meat you’ve seen on my Instagram page don’t pay for themselves! Will this be easy? No, but, additional sources of income are never accessible or passive. However, they afford the freedom and flexibility to live life in a more relaxed manner, and- as you now know- living life is one of my top priorities. 

So how will I be doing this? Maybe you’re thinking to yourself: sponsorships, advertising revenue, affiliate offers, or development of dividend rich portfolio. My plan is simpler than all of that, though. The first step is to create videos, post photos, or whatever medium chefs or restauranteurs will pay me to do; food, travel, and finance will be the subject matter.  Next, I’ll invest that money into the stock market or other similar avenues. For example, I’ll be using websites like Credit Karma, personal capital, Webull, etc. These websites provide simple, clean information without all the fluff and fancy talk. They provide the necessary information that everyday people like you and I should know about and help us in our daily lives … At the end of the day, I’m just trying to make life easy for everyone, honestly. Too many of my friends keep making the same mistakes financially, sort of how I make the same relationship mistakes over and over. Never met a crazy, hot, sarcastic woman I didn’t like but that’s a story for another time. Straightforward information about real-life that matters to everyone (mainly to me) is what you’ll get here. Oh, and lots of pictures of amazing food. You’ll get that too.

Meaty Cheesy Bread Pulls Recipe

Meaty Cheesy Bread Pulls Recipe

Meaty Cheesy Bread Pulls


Bitches Love Cheese, I love Bitches therefor I love Cheese!

Bitches also LOVE Fatty meat! I love Bitches! I give them bitches some of my SPECIAL fatty meat…..

You want more of a explanation?  I’m fat! I like cheesy fat bready food.


1 round or oval sourdough bread loaf (1 lb)

1 pkg  of Fresh Mozzarella  how many ounces? AS MANY AS YOU THINK YOU CAN STUFF INTO THE BREAD! ( I used about 12 ounces you can use more or less accordings to your taste. )

12 ounces of salami, capicola and  prosciutto  ( I did equal parts of each )

1/4 cup butter, melted

1 green onion, thinly sliced

6 cloves garlic, minced ( if you both eat it then you wont taste it )


Heat oven to 350 degrees.

Use serrated knife to make vertical cuts, 1 inch apart, in top of bread loaf, being careful not to cut through to bottom of loaf.  Turn bread 1/4 turn; repeat cuts.

Cut the cheese into 1/4 inch logs and stuff it into the bread!

Slice the meat into strips and render over a medium flame. Remove once crispy


Meaty Cheesy Bread Pulls
Should Look like this people

Place loaf on large sheet of foil.

Mix remaining ingredients; drizzle AND STUFF over bread.  Wrap bread with foil; place on baking sheet.

Bake 25 minutes or until heated through, unwrapping read after 15 minutes

BAM then you got yourself some good shit! I recommend a nice bottle of malbec and handcuff as a pairing.




Il Mulino Prime

As you walk into Il Mulino Prime (331 W Broadway), you cannot miss the beautiful the decor and the pure essence of pretentiousness.  But as the old saying goes you can’t judge a book by its cover; Il Mulino Prime is a perfect example of that quote.  The pretentious atmosphere only exists because it’s in the heart of Soho, if it was anywhere else it would stylize in a more traditional non-

il mulino prime italian starter 2
il mulino prime italian starter Bread sticks

modern fashion.  But in all honesty that’s the only fault I could find in Il Mulino Prime.  The staff is beyond fantastic, Bruno, the head bartender or waiter whatever you want to call him is the nicest guy you’ll ever encounter.  He’s a superb example a good old-fashioned waiter should behave.  He brings an old school Brooklyn feeling with a little bit of an Italian accent.  He is the perfect example of what a waiter should be in my opinion.  He offsets the modern decor with a feeling of home; He brings the essence of Italian food to the table without losing the elegance of the food.  But what does that mean?

il mulino prime starter
il mulino prime starter Cheese plate

Italian food as a whole is designed for family-style eating.  Yes, Italian restaurants can have single portions, but if you look at any famous Italian restaurant in New York City the menu is designed for family-style large portions, large plates, large groups loud of PEOPLE TALKING to each other, and eating together as a family.  The problem comes down this style restaurant would not work in Soho.   Modern fashion, luxury and elegance are a must for the survival of the business in Soho.  The menu at Il Mulino Prime is no

il mulino prime ricotta meatballs
il mulino prime ricotta meatballs

exception to this demand for style.  All the dishes are carefully thought out.  Every single item on the plate is one the plate for a reason.  Even the lemon on the side of the seafood dishes is carefully wrapped in fabric so that your food is protected from the possibility of any lemon seeds touches it.  The attention to detail is matched by very few restaurants that I’ve ever been to in my life.  But the food is only half the battle.  The staff at the location is the other half.  Just because you have great food and decor doesn’t mean that a restaurant will survive New York City.  There are hundreds upon hundreds of restaurants in New York City that fail every year

il mulino prime tuna carpaccio
il mulino prime tuna carpaccio

because they’re missing that one piece.  In Il Mulino Prime’s case the staffing was carefully selected to allow patrons opportunity to interact with someone who’s both sweet and professional at the same time.  Bruno is able to have a quick joke with the patron but still knows the menu inside and out. He still knows the wine list.  He still knows all the information you need to become a more educated patron of the restaurant.  Bruno does this all without being overly cocky and offsetting.  Is this not a perfect combination for a waiter?

il mulino prime beef steak salad
il mulino prime beef steak salad

Now, what you have all been waiting for the food and a review of the $25 lunch special.  I’ve honestly had about 85% of the menu and have the pictures to prove it.  Instead of going item by item I will be going over my favorites and then just posting the remaining pictures. All of the dishes taste great.   For those of you who do not know about the $25 lunch prix fix at Il Mulino Prime is a special menu during the hours of 12 pm – 4 pm .  It allows you to order one appetizer, one dessert and one entrée for the low low price of $25.  Yes, a full meal to in the heart of Soho for only $25.

il mulino prime wild salmon
il mulino prime wild salmon

My favorite combination for lunch is the beefsteak salad, the wild salmon over asparagus and (finally the best of everything) cheesecake with a little bit of whipped cream on the side.  Why is this favorite combination you’re asking?  I like the large portions of bacon and tomatoes and it have  a  little vinaigrette -boom your mouth is set full of flavor and it’s semi-healthy.  Seriously look at the portions of bacon on top of that salad, how can you say no?  The wild salmon on the other hand is perfectly cooked.  It’s both healthy, clean, and will get me ready for the summer.  You know, I’m going to have a six pack…  Of beer.  Why I am selecting the cheesecake for my dessert? If you don’t know you shouldn’t be reading this blog. Cheesecake is the best shit on earth. In all honesty there is no bad combination of the menu it is all about what you like and want to eat at the moment.

il mulino prime halibut
il mulino prime halibut

il mulino prime steak sandwhich
il mulino prime steak sandwhich

Next time you’re in Soho or Chinatown or anywhere in the downtown area, you should really check out Il Mulino Prime.  It’s one of the best spots that you can have lunch and not feel raped by the price of the meal.  See below for all the desserts!

il mulino prime chocolate cake
il mulino prime chocolate cake

il mulino prime lemon tiramisu
il mulino prime lemon tiramisu


il mulino prime italian cheesecake
il mulino prime italian cheesecake

Gulf Coast Bay Ridge

Can you teach an old Dog new Tricks; I don’t know most likely. Dogs are smarter than most the people I interact with on a daily biases. What I do know is that the re-branding of Circles café into Gulf Coast Bay Ridge (310 Bay Ridge Avenue) was a brilliant idea. The neighborhood was missing: Jamaican accent: some Island Flavor Mon. Is it real Island flavor? No, it’s flavored towards the neighborhood. If you want some hardcore ass jerked shit then take your ass to Myrtle Avenue. There you will find some good ox tail, jerked chicken, half the items sold out and your asshole on fire. Gulf Coast is targeting the neighborhood it is in Bay Ridge. I am not Knocking the food just laying it all out. The Food was good.

Gulf Coast Bay Ridge Cajun CalaMari

Gulf Coast Bay Ridge’ Cajun Calamari this is the shit you have to try it. The combination of sauces and Cajun spices blend perfectly. The dish comes out to be externally  well balances and the texture is great. Its not greasy or rubbery. What more can you ask for? Besides another drink…..

Gulf Coast Bay Ridge Zombie Of course I ordered a  zombie. Did you expect me to be on the wagon? Seriously have you read any of my other posts?

Gulf Coast Bay Ridge Coconut shrip   Gulf Coast Coconut shrimp was good. Honestly its a little hard to live up to the expectation that the calamari created. They were good and I would order them again and most likely every time.

Gulf Coast Bay Ridge Drunken Crawfish Pasta

My  entree was  Drunken Crawfish Pasta very flavorful and had some  kick to it. This isn’t your grandmothers pasta It has heat. IF you don’t like heat don’t get it! (I am measuring a white people spice scale.)

Gulf Coast Bay Ridge apple pie

Last but not least was the warm apple pie with ice cream on the side. Its apple pie with ice cream how the fuck can this be bad in any way? Like seriously I have never had a apple pie that I didn’t like!

Gulf Coast Bay Ridge should definitely be on your list of restaurants to try. The food is good, the drinks strong and it  not your  everyday Bay Ridge food. You can have burgers, wings, beer and pizza only so often before you get feed up with them. ‘


Death Wish Coffee Review

Death Wish Coffee review
Click on Image to Buy

I love Coffee. NO Really. I love coffee more then you can ever know. You want a example? The people that I work with no NOT talk to me unless I have had my first/ second coffee. All this led me to trying   Death Wish Coffee. We all heard the hype. Twice the caffeine and yea twice the caffeine i don’t give a rats ass about anything else.

Death Wish Ground Coffee, The World’s Strongest Coffee, Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic – 16 Ounce Bag

I was pleasantly shocked when the first cup of death wish coffee did not taste like shit. Hell it tasted better then Starbucks coffee.  That flavor you taste from Starbucks’s coffee is the flavor of burnt coffee. STOP DRINKING THAT SHIT. Death wish makes Starbucks tastes like water.  The flavor of  smooth and well balanced  externally similar to a Colombian blend. The flavor is Bold crisp and to the point. I drink my coffee black. The flavor spectrum in Death wish coffee is nuts bold but not over powering. Most people will add flavored milk to it.


The caffeine Level is a God send no joke . Lasts twice as long and you dont crash.
Death Wish Coffee Review

Buy this shit! Its good. Smooth and flavorful. I did not get the jitters and i was bale to sleep after 4 hours.

Here what they say,

“We went on a mission to find a coffee that is not only dark, rich, bold and flavorful but also has high caffeine content. We started our search online and came up empty handed. Then we researched coffee varietals, roast shades, and picked the brains of our roasters. After a bit of debate, a lot of testing, and caffeine overload we perfected our brew. Death Wish Coffee was born in late 2011. It is organically grown, fairly traded, and expertly handled. Our roasting team has over 70 years of combined roasting experience.”

Death Wish Ground Coffee, The World’s Strongest Coffee, Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic – 16 Ounce Bag


I agree Death wish Coffee knows what they are doing and you NEED to try it.

Drink that shit! DRINK IT.

It is what it is. Its not what its not