DCi Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer

DCi Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer 2
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Are you tried of beating your meat the old way? Just pounding away? Well now you can beat you meat like it owes you money with the DCi Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer.

Get out that pent-up aggression while preparing your meat with this cool Kuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer. Looks just like traditional brass knuckles but instead of “knuckles” there is a tenderizer grid. Its made of heavy aluminum alloy and its grooves make it easy to hold and pound the meat. Now what are you waiting for? Pound it out! Specifications Meat tenderizer looks just like traditional brass knuckles Tenderizer grid on base Grooves make it easy to hold and pound the meat Made of aluminum alloy Measures 4.25 x 2.75 x 2-inches

DCi Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer
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This isnt you mothers meat tenderizer. This IS ART ITS FASHION!! ITS something that looks cool to have in your kitchen.With the DCi Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer every time someone walks into your kitchen they will know you are serious about your meat tenderizing.

DCi Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer
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DCi Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer is also good for getting out that end of the day rage that we all suffer from because of work and the holidays. Wouldn’t you want to come home and just beat your meat like it owed you money? Get your meat so tender that you cant even beat it anymore. ……

Return of the Bon Chovie

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not One drop of  booze   was left not even a alehouse.
The texts were sent out with great care,
In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there.

To drink a few rounds and have a few shots.

And maybe find a few trots…

Cause well yea that’s what we do here in Brooklyn.

But seriously I was out of booze and wanted something to eat. The only choice that was left was going down to 3rd avenue for some food. That whole week was a cluster fuck of dinners and events. I needed something Light, fast and clean to keep this god like body you know. ( Bacchus was a god) Only one think popped into my mind Bon Chovie. That’s right Return of the Bon Chovie!!!

Its my site and I will write about ANY restaurant  or Topic I want to at the time. Shut you mouth and don’t bitch that I already wrote about it.

Bon chovie is Good CLEAN FOOD. WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY? NO?  What do you think I will only go there once and never visit again? I didn’t even eat everything on the menu.

Bon chovie Grilled Mahi Tacos

Grilled Mahi Tacos(Two tacos served on warm flour tortillas topped with homemade mango salsa, shredded cabbage and lime mayo. Served with tortilla chips.)  Tacos….Tacos…. Taaacooooosss. I wanted tacos and I got them.  AGAIN WHAT IS THE COMMON THEME WITH Bon Chovie? FRESH AND CLEAN. All the Flavors were on point. None of the dishes were over powered by a fish taste.

Bon Chovie Surf and Turf

Surf and turf burger. One part burger one part lobster. THAT’S RIGHT SAME AMOUNT OF LOBSTER AS BEEF. Let me sum up the flavors. Once the great tasting beef is one you as a tease. the lobster slowly come up and fucks your taste buds till they cum.  ( meh you say try it then meh)Bon Chovie tater tots

See these bitches?? That are Called Tater Tots if you can get them instead of fries DO they are WAY WAY better tastings and the sauce  refreshes your taste buds.

Something pretty cool happened here the night that i stopped by. The owner figured out who I was on IG and on here. DAM it I need to wear a costume from now on…..

Ovenless Roast Garlic Recipe

Ovenless Roast Garlic Recipe

Pan roasted garlic


1 head Garlic, unpeeled and separated into cloves or not denpeding on how you like it

Olive oil – That Good SHIT man. Not some cheap shit.

STEP 1 and The most important step. Go to your greek friends house and say “melaka I need some of that good olive oil.” When they pull out some bottled crap. You repeat yourself ”   Melaka,   I need some of that good olive oil. I want it from the big bottle” That when they will pull out a 5 gallon jug full of olive oil. YUP thats what you want. That all natural. ALL greek. Fucking  granny pressed the shit on the side of the mountain oil. Trust me worth the time to get  bottle from them. If you do not have access to a Greek HouseHold you can use some store bought shit.

Step 2. Turn on stove to medium heat.

Step 3  Now I like to keep mine wrapped in foil but you can do it without. If you like to do the dishes do it without. I like to do as little work as possible. For foil its the same shit just in foil. Place Garlic in frying pan. Drizzle about 1 tablespoon olive oil over unpeeled cloves, ensuring that cloves are more or less evenly coated. Reduce heat to lowest setting and let garlic cook, stirring occasionally for about 10-15 minutes until garlic skin is browned

Now dont be a smart ass and just putt the galric in your mouth without letting it cool. You’ll burn your tongue. Once its all cool and yummy looking enjoy it with a nice red wine or cheese or just more garlic.


Salud Bkyln Brooklyn Bay Ridge

For the last 2 months I have been walking by Salud Bkyln (Brooklyn ) store front waiting for them to open their doors to the public. Their awning said  ” Tapas Restaurant Bar” I love Tapas. I Love Restaurants and I love bars.  SHOCKER! A fat guy that likes food that you can eat with your hand. I am pretty sure that we all LOVE Finger food. Small portions of different plates lets your sample the most out of a menu with out committing to a main dish how can you go wrong? .( PLEASE DON’T START WITH THE COMMITMENT ISSUES. I HEAR IT ALL THE FUCKING TIME. ) As soon as I heard that they were open I jumped at the chance to eat some of their food.

I got my fat ass there by 9 pm the same day. The place wasn’t packed but it wasn’t empty.  In my opinion the perfect amount of people. Enough that the staff isn’t on top of you but not so busy that they are no where to be found.


Salud Brooklyn Cheese Plate

The meal started out with a extra dirty martini and a cheese plate. Well we all know that I am a cheese whore and LOVE ME SOME CHEESEEEEEEEE. Remember Kids cheese is crack! Everything was going well till I heard the words that ALWAYS KILL ME. ” Soft opening”  My smart ass went on the first Day YAY. I have been to more soft opening then I care to remember. Most of them have ended up with Fat Guy having Rocket butt. Do you know what rocket butt is?? THINK ABOUT IT!!  It was already too late to back down my orders have already been placed. I did the only thing that I could do in a situation like this…. Ordered and other martini! ( thankfully no rocket butt and I had a good meal)

Salud Brooklyn Ceviche

Next came out the Ceviche and some other crap. (it wasn’t crap I just don’t remember the name) Guy, gals and who ever else  is reading this the Ceviche was on point. Good clean and fresh. All the flavors were balanced and nothing was over powering.

Salud Brooklyn Fried

These are the craps. I would have them again. But I cant remember the name of the dish to save my life.

Salud Brooklyn New York Strip Steak

The main Course was a lovely New York Strip cooked and matched with its side perfectly. Yes I ate all of this shit by myself. There is a reason why the blog is called fat guy from Brooklyn.

Salud Brooklyn churros

The  churros were the only that was not on the same level as everything else that they served. To be fair I had 2 bowls of rice to riches earlier in the day. I was pretty much full of sugar and rice to riches is the BEST. I will have to try them again.

Overall. I like Salud BKLYN the food is good clean and fresh. What more do you want from a restaurant? The owner was a sweetheart. Spoke to everyone that was there that night.  He  couldn’t sit down but promised to have a drink with me next time. Jose, don’t mess with a fat guys booze! I will hunt you down and Make you drink with me! Plus I would love to interview you more formally.

BTW there is a  beautiful waitress there by the name of Genesis . ( SEGAAA)  That promised to follow me on IG but never did…. GO shame her my minions! Order 66 on HER!!! Joking….. But yea why did you not add me? Is it cause im fat???

Willy the Wine Lover Wine Bottle Stopper

Willy the Wine Lover Wine Bottle Stopper stuck in bottle
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Havent you ever had your will stuck somewhere and couldn’t get it out??? I know I have!  Get the best gag  gift out there! Willy the Wine Lover Wine Bottle Stopper . Cause nothing can break that award moment in the white elephant grab bag better then a good joke.

Willy the Wine Lover Wine Bottle Stopper
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Just let willie STICK it in…. That’s what she said.

When that cute Amazon box arrives, take out your Willy the Wine Lover(tm) and know you are on the road to fun!
You have in your hands the coolest bottle stopper available today.

He is obviously funny as can be, but functional too. He is a tight fit so push him all the way in! Here is what Willy will do for you:
– Make YOU the life of the party!
– You will be the best gift giver if you give them to all your friends!
– He will actually save those partial bottles of wine- although when he is around there is not alot of those!
– You can have some more fun by leaving Willy hidden at a friends house just think of the fun when they find him!

So what separates Willy the Wine Lover(tm) from other bottle stoppers? It is simple- he is the funnest.
He is designed to actually work- there are 2 rubber rings which seal off that bottle tight

That is why we can offer a LMAO 100% no questions asked MONEY BACK guarantee! If your friends do not think this is funny- you need new friends!

So Order NOW by clicking the yellow add to cart button to adopt Willy as part of your party brigade. Make sure to order some for your friends as a housewarming gifts too! It is the best holiday or white elephant gift ever- add him to kitchen accessories