2020 Saving Challenge Restaurant Leftovers

When it comes to money, all the gurus tell you how to save, what to save, how to do it; they love to shove their style of fs down your throat like it’s the next best thing. Here’s a secret, hacks, or trick (whatever you want to call it) to all of the investment, savings, and adulting fun. Not everyone can make it work all the time. A person needs to find a way of saving money that works for them. I happen to know a few simple, idiot-proof tricks.

Do you save enough?

The first method I use is to pull money directly out of my paycheck and put it into a 401k account (more on that later.) If I can’t see it, I can’t spend it! Simple and straightforward, right? Method two and my personal favorite: the drunk weekend special.

Pocket Money?

Whatever is in your pocket at the end of the weekend goes into savings. Boom! Thinking you will spend $100 this weekend, but you only spent$80? Put that cool twenty bucks into your savings. Trust me; this adds up quick: $20 over 52 weeks is $1040. At the end of every weekend, just take whatever cash you didn’t spend and put it into your saving. Not bad, right?  Method 3 is my least favorite but works better than anything else to get your savings up.

Savings left over Money

Suppose you pay with your credit card to cover the bill for your friends, and they pay you back in cash. Instead of putting that money in an account to pay off the credit card, put in your savings account. The benefit of this is that you get to save and earn credit card points(points get you more free stuff.) Let me give you an example: This weekend’s bill of $450 is broken down into $250 savings and 450 points that is a win-win in my book. A beneficial side effect of this method is that you start looking more carefully at your expenses to avoid a heart attack at the end of the month. I’m not a guru (don’t’ t like them very much, as I mentioned) s I’m just telling you what works for me. It may not work for you in the long run, but it’s worth a shot. What is your savings hack or trick?

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  1. I use the Acorns app to automatically take out $20 from my debit account every week and invest it. The money is out of sight out of mind and invests over $1000 every year. It is also easy to withdraw in emergencies.

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