2020 Saving Challenge Stop Wasting Money on Coffee

Ok, who’s ready for Savings Experiment Number two? I’ll be trying to cut back on the amount of iced coffee that I buy at work and home. As it turns out, buying coffee I could get for free from the office or paying even a tenth of the cost for some homebrew is a silly waste of money! 

Iced Coffee From Little Goat DIner Chicago

In my defense,

I  do cherish that daily ten-minute trip to the coffee shop- it allows me to unwind after reading shitty work emails! Do you know how pissed off you get when the contractor changes their schedule for the millionth time this week, and you spent most of yesterday getting everything ready for them? But I digress! “What does Roman’s coffee habit really cost,” you may be asking? Well, at Dunkin Donuts, my regular large iced coffee costs $4.18. Not a lot, right? But I have a habit of drinking 2 (god damn contractors)  in one day, which comes out to $8.36 a day, which over a week is $41.80, and in just a month, that’s $167.20! That’s $2173.60 a year!

Well, now that escalated quickly. 

Two thousand dollars is real money. Let us see how I do in this experiment. But readers, I’m looking to you for your guidance this time. Leave a comment on what you think I should try to unchain myself from coffee servitude. I will not be cutting down on my drinking, so don’t even suggest it!.

5 thoughts on “2020 Saving Challenge Stop Wasting Money on Coffee”

  1. It’s a hard challenge. Do try buying coffee and milk to make at home. Splurge on a good quality coffee (still way more economical than store bought) Keep plenty of ice in the freezer and also invest in a good thermos.
    Good luck:)

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