Reading is Fundamental

Remember your summer reading list from elementary school? Thought you grew out of that shit, right? Well, don’t you know that you’re supposed to keep reading to learn and grow and blah blah blah… I will not give you some horse crap about how you need to read everything under the sun or finish 365 books in a year. I can barely finish one book a month if I’m lucky. I restarted this type of post to force myself to read more and write down what was important to me not to forget it. Hard-drinking doesn’t help with memory, FYI. 

The Little Book That Beats the Market

Sounds stupid,

but hey, it works for me. Hopefully, you will get some information out of it. The first few books that I reviewed, analyzed, and recommend are “The Little Book That Beats the Market ” and “The Big Secret for the Small Investor: A New Route to Long-Term Investment Success” by Joel Greenblatt (I love this last name. That’s why I picked them). Another good one is “The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy by Dr. Thomas J. Stanley. I will read them cover to cover and not just watch a YouTube on them….. some people would do that…. Names shall not be mentioned.

The focus of my reading and writing will mainly be financial or personal finance. I read other material, but you will want to hit your head against a wall if I wrote about networking and technology. Remember, I am not a guru, just some crazy guy with the hopes of collecting some “passive income” and eating a lot of damn good food… The real reason is that I want to prove a point that one can learn something, and maybe make some money along the way cause we all know I’m too pretty to work this hard.

2020 Saving Challenge Stop Wasting Money on Coffee

Ok, who’s ready for Savings Experiment Number two? I’ll be trying to cut back on the amount of iced coffee that I buy at work and home. As it turns out, buying coffee I could get for free from the office or paying even a tenth of the cost for some homebrew is a silly waste of money! 

Iced Coffee From Little Goat DIner Chicago

In my defense,

I  do cherish that daily ten-minute trip to the coffee shop- it allows me to unwind after reading shitty work emails! Do you know how pissed off you get when the contractor changes their schedule for the millionth time this week, and you spent most of yesterday getting everything ready for them? But I digress! “What does Roman’s coffee habit really cost,” you may be asking? Well, at Dunkin Donuts, my regular large iced coffee costs $4.18. Not a lot, right? But I have a habit of drinking 2 (god damn contractors)  in one day, which comes out to $8.36 a day, which over a week is $41.80, and in just a month, that’s $167.20! That’s $2173.60 a year!

Well, now that escalated quickly. 

Two thousand dollars is real money. Let us see how I do in this experiment. But readers, I’m looking to you for your guidance this time. Leave a comment on what you think I should try to unchain myself from coffee servitude. I will not be cutting down on my drinking, so don’t even suggest it!.

Monthly SAVINg Challenge Restuarant saver results

Since my last post, I’m one month into tracking my savings using the “Empty the Pockets”, AKA “if I didn’t drink it, I saved it” AKA “Resutrant Leftovers” method and the results are in! Ladies and gentlemen (insert drum roll), our total savings are…$870! Honestly, that’s not a bad amount for just emptying my pockets on Sundays.

Savings Challenge

I will be continuing to track and update you all on my saving methods for the next year or so. COVID is a thing, though, so let’s not plan too far ahead! At the end of this year, we’ll take a look at my savings log, and, depending on the amount, you guys can help me make a decision on how to spend it. Perhaps a nice bottle of [INSERT EXPENSIVE BOTTLE YOU WOULD BUY HERE] to bring things full circle.