Brooklyn Beets Company

Pulled pork from Brooklyn beats company
Pulled pork

A few weeks ago I received a urgent call  from Mike to rally for a righteous cause; Stuffing out faces and getting shit faced . Well It was more then that  but I don’t think you give a shit about we spoke about.  (Both agreed you did not need to eat that box of Twinkies).   We had no set plan on where we were going just throw a coin into the air ended up at Brooklyn Beets Company. Yes, Its a magic coin. I am also selling the Verrazano bridge if you are interested

If you have never been its pretty good to say the least. Brooklyn Beets company is a farm to table restaurant in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.  The cuisine can be described as modern eastern European? Its hard to call out what they serve because they have a little of everything.

Skipping all the BS . The plates that were consumed( The plates were almost licked clean) are as followed  pulled pork special and NYS Butcher Steak. ( grass-fed grilled hanger, red bliss chips, lemon-braised dinosaur kale, pork-belly bordelaise.)

NYS Butcher Steak from Brooklyn beats company
NYS Butcher Steak

Both were BANGING. I do not say that often. When two guys that live and breath GOOD Food, say that the food was banging. It is Banging. Everything was fresh crisp and full of flavor.   Both dishes melted in your mouth. It was almost perfect. The only bad food we had was the  pickled plate. Just skip it and you will have a great time.

Stop reading this shit and go eat there now.

The signature drink is  pretty good. But by that point I may have also had a few bottles of wine.  That’s my disclosure if you don’t like the Brooklyn Beets Company.

Brooklyn Beetstini from Brooklyn beats company
Brooklyn Beetstini



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