Budlight , Jack and Coke only way to fly.

Budlight , Jack and Coke
Budlight , Jack and Coke

For those of you who know me. Know I hate heights. Seriously the  guy who works on high-rises for a living doesn’t like heights.  Yes, that IS what you call irony.  The only way that I can fly is with a drink or two or six.  After many years of searching for the perfect combo to fly tispy and stress free. The combo was shown to me like by a angel of the sky. ( They were out of Vodka) Once I tried it . I never looked back.  2 Shots of jack with a can of coke and a bud light.  That’s the secret . The combo works because well you’ll get a good buzz and you WILL not have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes.

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