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Harry’s  Best Boozy Brunch Deal IN NYC

You never have to twist my arm to go to Harry’s NYC. Located on Stone Street in the heart of the financial district, Harry’s has always served great food from lunchtime Steak Sandwiches to gourmet daily specials- go on Wednesdays for the Beef wellington; you’ll thank me) there’s a

Harrys Steakhouse Beef wellington
Harrys NYC Beef Wellington Only available on Wednesdays

dish for everyone. But what most people do not know about Harry’s ( Menu ) is that when you order an entree, you get 90 minutes of unlimited champagne for FREE! It’s an INSANE deal to have during COVID. The menu is super clean and simple. Great classics prepared freshly for you and with a glass of complimentary champagne. How can you say no?

Harrys Brunch Menu

Brunch time chill

A few weeks ago, we had the French Toast, Smoked Salmon Benny, and Tuna Crudo during my last visit. Yes, I’m a fancy bitch. Look at all of these dishes; they look as good as they taste, I promise! 

Eggs Benedict with Smoked salmon
Smoke Salmon Benny the best part of the Harrys Brunch
French Toast
Harrys Brunch menu French toast super crispy

More Than just Steak Killer Cocktail Program

And to round it all out, I had my signature drink as well: Tito’s martini, extra dirty, served up. Plus, Harry’s prepares it with a twist: a sidecar! It’s like getting 2 drinks for the price of one. Don’t you hate getting a tiny martini and looking at the waiter with the ” you got to be fucking kidding me look”? Well, they give you a bit extra or, in other words, they aren’t cheap with their martinis, unlike some other places. 

Harrys Martini With sidecar
Fat Guy Signature Titos Marini extra dirty.

As a bonus, this will give you a great opportunity to try out the saving tip from my earlier blog MONTHLY SAVING CHALLENGE RESTUARANT SAVER RESULTS<link>. Because Harry’s isn’t too much of a strain on the wallet, brunch at Harry’s let’s you try my trick out at a lower risk. Good luck!

Sazon Sangria, Brunch and Dates

Everyone of you should go to Sazon. Its fucking great one of my favorite go to brunch spots. Its easy to get too and has a 1.5 hour brunch with all the Sangria you can drink.


White Sangria
White Sangria 

Look at that sexiness. Its so good that I am drooling as we speak. Yes Literally drooling.  Besides the Sangria they have a great selection of food I recommend the pineapple french toast and empanadas.

Beef Empandas
Beef Empandas
PineApple French Toast
PineApple French Toast

There is NOTHING that tastes bad there, Its even a spot I stop by for lunch when I am in the area. I also may have taken a few dates there they all loved it. SOOOOO if you see me there. YOU DONT KNOW ME. GET IT? LEAVE ME ALONE AND LET ME FUCK UP MY DATE BY MYSELF. I dont need help with that trust me.