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All the food I eat from my travels in this great city

New York Pizza Project

The New York Pizza Project, its a title just like any other title.I even would have missed the whole article if it wasn’t due to the image of my favorite pizzeria  being in the featured image. Elegante Pizzeria

I have been going  there for years. It is the best pizza in the neighborhood. All the other places are gone or have changed. Yes, there is Pizza Wagon but even White Castles tastes good at 2 am. Just saying… Look we all have our own favorite pizza spots. Anyone in Brooklyn or New York City has a top 5.  We don’t need more then 5 because we WILL travel to get a good slice of pizza.  Let me cut you off L and B suck since they sold it. Need me to repeat that? L and B sucks. Its not the same as it was back in the day. Don’t start with that its all in my head everyone says it you just need to get it through your thick head.  Was that clear enough for you? Stop being a basic bitch. The New York Pizza Project is a coffee table book documenting New York City’s last authentic pizzerias through photography and interviews, with a foreword by New York Times bestselling author, Jonathan Lethem. Its looking into the histroy and the people behind all of the classic pizzerias in  New York city.

the new york pizza project
the new york pizza project

I recommend getting it putting it on your table and looking classy. We all know your not and don’t really care. But its how you should put your hipster neighbors into there place. This book  is a splash of class and something that says yea im old school. Why cause you can say back in the 90s  I was there with my girl blah blah blah.


Sazon Sangria, Brunch and Dates

Everyone of you should go to Sazon. Its fucking great one of my favorite go to brunch spots. Its easy to get too and has a 1.5 hour brunch with all the Sangria you can drink.


White Sangria
White Sangria 

Look at that sexiness. Its so good that I am drooling as we speak. Yes Literally drooling.  Besides the Sangria they have a great selection of food I recommend the pineapple french toast and empanadas.

Beef Empandas
Beef Empandas

PineApple French Toast
PineApple French Toast

There is NOTHING that tastes bad there, Its even a spot I stop by for lunch when I am in the area. I also may have taken a few dates there they all loved it. SOOOOO if you see me there. YOU DONT KNOW ME. GET IT? LEAVE ME ALONE AND LET ME FUCK UP MY DATE BY MYSELF. I dont need help with that trust me.

Visiting Grotto for antipasta after a long run

Grotto Hot ANti pasta
Grotto Hot Anti Pasta

This post is Long LONG over due I apologize my loyal followers… Well follower as in ONE person. YOU ARE A DAM CREEPER yes I SEE YOU! CREEP and everyone else You all SUCK! Now back to what we all came here to hear about FOOD and BOOZE.  A couple weeks ago I stopped by Grotto in Bay Ridge for a after run snack.  You know after 6 miles you need a nice healthy meal.  Every growing boy needs martinis and cheese. In my case its was a few martinis and some antipasta. They have a really good selection of antipasta. I went with the Antipasto All’ Italiana  (mixed olives, selection of two cheeses and salami) ( see below) and the hot one above. I dont remember what the name was its Hot antipasta and there was grilled cheese how can you not like it? Over all the food was good the drinks were cold. Only thing I can say was that the martini could have been dirtier. I like them Dirty Dirty. Still stop by its a good spot.


Grotto cold anti pasta
Grotto cold anti pasta

Dollar Slices and a Good cause

Like Pizza? No? Well then get off my page commy, Wait you cant be a commy cause even they like pizza! That leaves only ISIS. If you don’t like pizza you are a terrorist. Why? Cause whats more american then a slice of pizza?  : waits till all the pizza haters leave:

Now back to what all of us NORMAL people care about PIZZA and helping others. Tomorrow October 7, 2015  from 6pm to until the pizza runs out  at St Anthony’s Church  (155 Sullivan )Street Slice out Hunger will have  their  $1 slice event.  THAT’S RIGHT A BUCK! This is real pizza, GOOD pizza not some shitty dollar slice that you get on the corner because you don’t have time to do anywhere else.

Look at all these Pizzerias!

(gf) = pizzeria will have gluten free options
(v) = pizzeria will have vegan options
All pizzerias will have vegetarian options!

Adoro Lei



Best Pizza

Boston Pizza

Champion Pizza

Dani’s House of Pizza


Don Antonio (gf, v)



Famous Ben’s






Grandaisy Bakery (v)

Grandma Rose’s


Joe’s Pizza

Keste (gf, v)




Motorino (v)

Nicoletta (gf)

NY Pizza Suprema (v)

Pala (gf, v)



Pizza By Certe

Pizza Moto

Pizzetteria Brunetti (v)

Prince St Pizza

Ribalta (gf)

Rizzo’s (LES)




Sal’s Little Italy

Sam’s Restaurant


Sottocasa (v)

Speedy Romeo


Table 87

Tony Baloney’s

Two Boots (gf, v)



Williamsburg Pizza

The event does have some guide lines. But its pretty much a all you can eat until  all of the 2000 pies are gone. Do you know how many slices that is? 16,000! How much of a fatass are you? Plus this is for charity so the calories don’t count.

In other words Dollar slices and a good cause .


Football Sunday. You Know what it means buffalo Wings TIME

I spent most of  today getting this site trying to get this site up. Its also  Football Sunday. You Know what it means time to chow down on some Buffalo wings.  I spent WAY too long staring at the the screen drooling over food. I got to get me some wings now.  Off to the Bean Post to get some great wings.  They have everything from Dry rub to flavors that you will never see anywhere else. I personally recommend The Maple bacon wings. The sause is made with Jim Beam maple then they get sprinkled with love. BACON! These wings will comfort you when your team wins and console you when they lose.

JIm Beam Maple Bacon WIngs
JIm Beam Maple Bacon WIngs