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Death Wish Coffee Review

Death Wish Coffee review
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I love Coffee. NO Really. I love coffee more then you can ever know. You want a example? The people that I work with no NOT talk to me unless I have had my first/ second coffee. All this led me to trying   Death Wish Coffee. We all heard the hype. Twice the caffeine and yea twice the caffeine i don’t give a rats ass about anything else.

Death Wish Ground Coffee, The World’s Strongest Coffee, Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic – 16 Ounce Bag

I was pleasantly shocked when the first cup of death wish coffee did not taste like shit. Hell it tasted better then Starbucks coffee.  That flavor you taste from Starbucks’s coffee is the flavor of burnt coffee. STOP DRINKING THAT SHIT. Death wish makes Starbucks tastes like water.  The flavor of  smooth and well balanced  externally similar to a Colombian blend. The flavor is Bold crisp and to the point. I drink my coffee black. The flavor spectrum in Death wish coffee is nuts bold but not over powering. Most people will add flavored milk to it.


The caffeine Level is a God send no joke . Lasts twice as long and you dont crash.
Death Wish Coffee Review

Buy this shit! Its good. Smooth and flavorful. I did not get the jitters and i was bale to sleep after 4 hours.

Here what they say,

“We went on a mission to find a coffee that is not only dark, rich, bold and flavorful but also has high caffeine content. We started our search online and came up empty handed. Then we researched coffee varietals, roast shades, and picked the brains of our roasters. After a bit of debate, a lot of testing, and caffeine overload we perfected our brew. Death Wish Coffee was born in late 2011. It is organically grown, fairly traded, and expertly handled. Our roasting team has over 70 years of combined roasting experience.”

Death Wish Ground Coffee, The World’s Strongest Coffee, Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic – 16 Ounce Bag


I agree Death wish Coffee knows what they are doing and you NEED to try it.

Drink that shit! DRINK IT.

Coffee RX Lab in Bay Ridge

Coffee RX Lab Bay Ridge Belgian Waffles

My latest adventure of fatassness has led me to find Coffee RX Lab in Bay Ridge. See that shit in the picture above? Those sexy Belgian waffles were only $8. THAT’S RIGHT. 8 FUCKING bucks for a Belgian Waffle covered in Nutella , whipped cream and berries. It looks as good as it tastes.  People that is one sick deal! Coffee RX Lab Bay Ridge didn’t even go cheap on the indigents either; (Everything is fresh and made while you wait). The coffee is good also but I am a DD guy. I need 32 ounces of iced coffee in morning before anyone can even talk to me. Check out Coffee RX Lab Bay Ridge its good good spot to grab a quick snack and get going. Only issue I had with it was the hipsters….. they were nesting there… hours at a time….. THEY WERE EVERY WHERE… THE HORROR.  My advise run in, order and run out before they try to covert you to join them.  If you want to read more about it you can find it in this article.



Loki Lounge Brooklyn the definition of Chill

Last week, I had a unusual event in my life occur,  its called free time during the week. Lots of thought and deliberation  led me to Loki Lounge in Brooklyn.  Why you ask? Well I saw a picture of their  lamb flat bread on Instagram and wanted some for myself. THERE IS a reason why I am  called THE fat guy from Brooklyn! But seriously look at this beauty.

Loki Lounge lamb Flatbread

As soon as I walked into the Loki lounge there was a zinger of mellow energy. The bartender was super chill and friendly. Loki didn’t feel like a normal downtown Brooklyn bar all stuck up and careless.  You could tell the bartender cared about  what he was doing and the clients. I ordered a extra dirty martini to start the work session.


Loki Lounge dirty martini

Mind you, there is a fireplace and I love fireplaces. Who doesn’t?

Loki Lounge Fireplace

Little bits of ice floating on top of the martini made it look and taste   like something our of a movie. I would recommend the lamb flat bread to anyone that comes here its on point.

The order of shrimp griddles was okay though, the only issue was that there were to many greens and the picture came our shitty.I ordered shrimp not salad. Don’t give me that look I’m fat!

Loki Lounge shrimp griddlesOverall, I really enjoyed the place. Just a chill bar where you can have a drink and not get bothered. Even the people who just walked in for a drink were chill. Just super chill and friendly. Check it out peoples. You’ll like it. I will be back on a Sunday once they have a food menu.

Boozing is coming to Target

Don’t get you hopes to high. Target is to allow drinking in one of their stores and Only one so far. The store which is going to be located in Chicago has filed for 2 liquor permits. I understand  that boozing  while shopping is a dream to say the least. But Chicago should not be the place where you would permit this or even consider it.  It’s one of the most violent cities in the US. There  is a shooting  almost everyday. It’s not the best place to add drinking too. Ever had shopping cart rage? Yes you have you know it  don’t look away. Add booze and we are rocking and rolling to get people’s head smashed.

I say test it in staten island. It’s quite people are semi responsible. Target maybe  setting this project to fail or its one of those if it works here it can work anywhere.

Sex Dolls that are beyond real

Sex Dolls that are beyond real
Yes these are sex dolls!!!

A Japanese company has amazed the world with a revolution in sex doll industry. Orient Company which manufactures the sex dolls claims that they have come up with the super realistic non-inflatable dolls. Orient confidently announces that one who buys these sex dolls will never want a girlfriend in life. The company was seeking to reach up to the next level and finally the modern silicon dolls have proved the ”Dutch Wife” to be the perfect artificial girl ever. Japan has the world’s second largest developed economy and the dolls are a part of a high tech industry in the country. ‘Dutch Wives’ is considered a big success in the sex doll industry. Read more at:

Sex doll 1

Holy fuck.These things look real.  For only 6000 they can be yours!! Now we all know the Japanese are sick but this is a bit much no? It looks like a person!   These Sex Dolls  are beyond real Imagine what will be coming out in the next few years. I just want to know how bad do you have to be socially to order one of these? Just think spending 6000 on a sex doll.  That is quite a few hookers or therapy in the case of the owners of these sex dolls.

Sex doll 3

The WineRack aka Flask Bra

The WineRack aka Flask Bra
wine-rack-drink-dispensing-secret-bra-flask click on image to buy

The Winerack aka Flask Bra : every girl’s best friend. Now you can drink what you want, when you want, where you want, with no hassles and for less money. Features: Comfortable sports bra holds up to 25 ounces of your favorite beverage. Removable polyurethane bladder custom-shaped to fit bra. Long drinking tube with easy-to-use on/off valve controls the flow. By blowing air into the tube, you can re-inflate the wine rack even when you have finished drinking your beverage. Sizing: Small fits bra sizes 32A-34B. Medium fits bra sizes 34C-38C.

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The WineRack 200-008 The Wine Rack, Medium

New York Pizza Project

The New York Pizza Project, its a title just like any other title.I even would have missed the whole article if it wasn’t due to the image of my favorite pizzeria  being in the featured image. Elegante Pizzeria

I have been going  there for years. It is the best pizza in the neighborhood. All the other places are gone or have changed. Yes, there is Pizza Wagon but even White Castles tastes good at 2 am. Just saying… Look we all have our own favorite pizza spots. Anyone in Brooklyn or New York City has a top 5.  We don’t need more then 5 because we WILL travel to get a good slice of pizza.  Let me cut you off L and B suck since they sold it. Need me to repeat that? L and B sucks. Its not the same as it was back in the day. Don’t start with that its all in my head everyone says it you just need to get it through your thick head.  Was that clear enough for you? Stop being a basic bitch. The New York Pizza Project is a coffee table book documenting New York City’s last authentic pizzerias through photography and interviews, with a foreword by New York Times bestselling author, Jonathan Lethem. Its looking into the histroy and the people behind all of the classic pizzerias in  New York city.

the new york pizza project
the new york pizza project

I recommend getting it putting it on your table and looking classy. We all know your not and don’t really care. But its how you should put your hipster neighbors into there place. This book  is a splash of class and something that says yea im old school. Why cause you can say back in the 90s  I was there with my girl blah blah blah.


Infinity Scarf with build in flask The perfect Gift!

The Perfect gift is here for the woman that has everything including a LOVE of wine. This Infinity scarf includes a  8 ounce pouch that can hold their favorite beverage! Wither is wine, vodka or anything else including water. But why in the world would you ever use it for that??

Click on the Picture to buy it and support the fat guys travels and boozing!  It comes in a bunch of different colors and is sure to make that special person happy! Its only  25 bucks and its a PRIME Item!

Infinity Scarf with build in flask The perfect Gift!

Infinity scarf with Flask
Infinity scarf with Flask