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I hate all NYC sports team.

That’s right I hate all of the teams Yankees, Mets, Jets, Giants and the the Red Bulls. All of them.  Don’t get me wrong they are all great teams. They all know how to play. But they all fucking chock non-stop  every fucking year. Not once not twice but every fucking  year they chock. Yes we got rings and trophies but you are only as good as your last game. What did I say something wrong? These guys are making how much per game? Yea how long would that take you to make? How many YEARS? If you were getting paid that much how hard would you try? How often would you practice? That’s right until it’s 100 fucking percent on point. But hey theses guys every year get to the very end and chock.  I just one year where I don’t think I will have a fucking heart attack cause these fucks can’t play right.

Worst part is I hate all NYC sport teams because I am a fan and I expect  better from them.

Dollar Slices and a Good cause

Like Pizza? No? Well then get off my page commy, Wait you cant be a commy cause even they like pizza! That leaves only ISIS. If you don’t like pizza you are a terrorist. Why? Cause whats more american then a slice of pizza?  : waits till all the pizza haters leave:

Now back to what all of us NORMAL people care about PIZZA and helping others. Tomorrow October 7, 2015  from 6pm to until the pizza runs out  at St Anthony’s Church  (155 Sullivan )Street Slice out Hunger will have  their  $1 slice event.  THAT’S RIGHT A BUCK! This is real pizza, GOOD pizza not some shitty dollar slice that you get on the corner because you don’t have time to do anywhere else.

Look at all these Pizzerias!

(gf) = pizzeria will have gluten free options
(v) = pizzeria will have vegan options
All pizzerias will have vegetarian options!

Adoro Lei



Best Pizza

Boston Pizza

Champion Pizza

Dani’s House of Pizza


Don Antonio (gf, v)



Famous Ben’s






Grandaisy Bakery (v)

Grandma Rose’s


Joe’s Pizza

Keste (gf, v)




Motorino (v)

Nicoletta (gf)

NY Pizza Suprema (v)

Pala (gf, v)



Pizza By Certe

Pizza Moto

Pizzetteria Brunetti (v)

Prince St Pizza

Ribalta (gf)

Rizzo’s (LES)




Sal’s Little Italy

Sam’s Restaurant


Sottocasa (v)

Speedy Romeo


Table 87

Tony Baloney’s

Two Boots (gf, v)



Williamsburg Pizza

The event does have some guide lines. But its pretty much a all you can eat until  all of the 2000 pies are gone. Do you know how many slices that is? 16,000! How much of a fatass are you? Plus this is for charity so the calories don’t count.

In other words Dollar slices and a good cause .


Brooklyn Bolts Home Opener


The home opener for the  Brooklyn Bolts (October 2nd)  was a cold, windy and miserable day.  When I say Miserable I really do mean miserable. The rain was non stop the whole day. Wind was going in every direction.  But you know how we do. Left foot right foot your body will follow.  The tickets were bought  weeks ago.

One of my friends was waiting for me at the bar to per game or so I thought. It turned out that he was passed out at home sleeping. He may have been the wiser of the two of us.  I did the only thing that you could do in a bar before a game. I pre gamed like a champ till the idea of going out in the rain for a Bolts football game  did not sound so bad or idiotic . For your reference the count was 5 beers and 3 shots in one hour.  Long story short I get to MCU park where they Brooklyn bolts play via train because there are not cars anywhere in Brooklyn that can be hired. Fuck you rain.

The game well what can I say, they sucked the wind was gusting at round 30 miles an hour. Who ever was the genius that thought it was a good idea for the Bolts to play in that weather should be fired. Just saying , what do i know? Back to the game. Beers were 10  bucks a pop and as for the food it was either closed or looked like shit.

Fat guys total time at the stadium was 20 Minutes.  Yup all that work and time wasted in travel for me to stay for only one beer. AGAIN the weather sucked ass. The wind was from the north and right into our backs. A MISERABLE TIME WAS HAD BY ALL.


The only saving grace for the day was stopping by  Nathans for some chili dogs and fried clams with fries. Clams were okay…… What do you want me to say they were deep fried to the point they tasted just like the fries. The CHILI DOGS WERE ON POINT.  Fat GUY approved to say the least.


Brooklyn Bolts Home Opener  was what it was a experience.   Good bad and indifferent  all at the same time but a experience for sure.

Sunday funday picnic with Cupcake Champagne and Lunetta Prosecco


It was the last warm Sunday of the Summer of 2015. My friends wanted to hang out. It WAS a Sunday Funday after all. Weather wise it was perfect for a picnic. We grabbed a few bottles and headed to the park to enjoy the sun.  The first bottle to be opened was the Lunetta Prosecco .  It had enticing aromas of apple and peach give way to a palate that is refreshing, and harmonious, with crisp fruit flavors and a clean finish. Lunetta Prosecco is delightful as an aperitif or enjoyed with antipasti, hors d’oeuvres, sushi, shellfish and seafood.  Well worth the 12 bucks to buy it. Next was the Cupcake prosecco. Not the best move the Lunetta over powered most of the flavor.  Although you may need raise a glass of this refreshing Prosecco that sparkles with fine effervescence. Aromas of white peach, grapefruit and honeydew melon lead to flavors of creamy ripe lemon, refined citrus and a toasted brioche finish.

Lunetta Prosecco
Lunetta Prosecco


I should really stick to my bud light.

But hey Im not a Basic bitch.


Three Guys From Brooklyn
Three Guys From Brooklyn

Three Guys from Brooklyn. Does not sound like much but its one of the best stores in Brooklyn. Large selection, helpful workers… Blah blah blah. They have a great selection of olives and other pickled products. They are  not like the pickle guy or sahadi’s but what the hell when you just need somethings  above the basics its perfect.

WE ARE NOT BASIC BITCH SAYS NO TO CANNED OLIVES.  LETS REPEAT THAT AGAIN NOT CANNED OLIVES OR EVEN JARS. Olives are supposed to be in barrels not cans. You don’t need to taste the metal or staleness.   You need that fresh, clean, crisp taste that will boost the flavor of your wine and cheese. DONE