Fridays Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Waste of money

Fridays Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Waste of money

They look great, sound great and in theory are supposed to be great! But Fridays Bacon Wrapped  Jalapenos are a complete waste of money. 15 bucks for 4 pieces and they weren’t even warm! Top it off they came at the same time as the potato skins below.  The Fridays Bacon Wrapped  Jalapeno  did not even come close to cover the same amount of space on a plate. Hell they barely covered a 1/3. fridays potato skins

Top it off  the jalapenos were not even whole pieces. They were halves. HAVLES like no you cant have a whole one they are too expensive.  How much can one whole jalapeno cost 30 cents?

Its completely ridiculous.

I’m paying $15 for a plate at FRIDAYS. I better get some then 4 piece of food.   Who was the genius behind this? They should be fired.

Fridays Bacon Wrapped  Jalapeno Waste of money!!

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