Motivation or lack thereof

Is it just me, or are everything and everyone just so tone-deaf? Since the start of COVID, there’s been no flavor, no motivation, or urge to do things. People are starting projects businesses, but even fewer than typical are finishing them. There have been one-offs that make it big and finish what they are working on but just about it, how many of your friends and coworkers have actually finished what they said they were going to do?

How it feels every day, no motivation

I Have Zero Motivation. 

Unfortunately, I can’t preach to you on how to stumble across some motivation, either. The fact is, we are all stuck in the same rut of lack of motivation. I’m just here to document and let you know that everyone has the same issue, so don’t feel like it’s just you. I have 4 current open personal projects that I can’t finish. The ideas are there, but the fire is not if that makes sense. I have all the independents to make killer burgers but can’t turn on the Grill. The day-to-day grind is still being done, posting, cooking, etc.; all the big projects are just floating in the ether, a place of limbo. Even this post took almost 2 weeks to write because I just could not get started! 

Time Management and Motivation

The biggest thing that gets me is my sense of time;.time is going both fast and slow. The day drags on but finishes before you can get anything meaningful done. Looking back to last March, it feels like 3 years have passed, but what have you really done? Every day is just a copy of the last. We are only on a giant carousel going round and round. When it stops, nobody knows. By the time you get ready to do the work, the day is already done. A person can’t plan how to get things done that are not essential. Work stuff gets done slowly because we are all remote, and management doesn’t expect more than the minimum. Just enough not to get fired in most cases. How can you plan out your day if it is gone before you know it?

More Questions than Answers

Solutions? I have none, just going to do what I always do and try to force myself to do it. Is it the best resolution? No. Will it hinder the final product because I am not motivated to do it? Yes. But I need to get the projects done and but it will not have the same flare as pre-covid  Does anyone have any tips and tricks to get yourself motivated again? If so, please leave them in the comments…

If you need help

Don’t forget that there is the covid-19 metal hotline available around the clock. Here is the link for the NY project hope.  Remember you are not alone.  There is help if you need it.

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