Ovenless Roast Garlic Recipe

Ovenless Roast Garlic Recipe

Pan roasted garlic


1 head Garlic, unpeeled and separated into cloves or not denpeding on how you like it

Olive oil – That Good SHIT man. Not some cheap shit.

STEP 1 and The most important step. Go to your greek friends house and say “melaka I need some of that good olive oil.” When they pull out some bottled crap. You repeat yourself ”   Melaka,   I need some of that good olive oil. I want it from the big bottle” That when they will pull out a 5 gallon jug full of olive oil. YUP thats what you want. That all natural. ALL greek. Fucking  granny pressed the shit on the side of the mountain oil. Trust me worth the time to get  bottle from them. If you do not have access to a Greek HouseHold you can use some store bought shit.

Step 2. Turn on stove to medium heat.

Step 3  Now I like to keep mine wrapped in foil but you can do it without. If you like to do the dishes do it without. I like to do as little work as possible. For foil its the same shit just in foil. Place Garlic in frying pan. Drizzle about 1 tablespoon olive oil over unpeeled cloves, ensuring that cloves are more or less evenly coated. Reduce heat to lowest setting and let garlic cook, stirring occasionally for about 10-15 minutes until garlic skin is browned

Now dont be a smart ass and just putt the galric in your mouth without letting it cool. You’ll burn your tongue. Once its all cool and yummy looking enjoy it with a nice red wine or cheese or just more garlic.


Salud Bkyln Brooklyn Bay Ridge

For the last 2 months I have been walking by Salud Bkyln (Brooklyn ) store front waiting for them to open their doors to the public. Their awning said  ” Tapas Restaurant Bar” I love Tapas. I Love Restaurants and I love bars.  SHOCKER! A fat guy that likes food that you can eat with your hand. I am pretty sure that we all LOVE Finger food. Small portions of different plates lets your sample the most out of a menu with out committing to a main dish how can you go wrong? .( PLEASE DON’T START WITH THE COMMITMENT ISSUES. I HEAR IT ALL THE FUCKING TIME. ) As soon as I heard that they were open I jumped at the chance to eat some of their food.

I got my fat ass there by 9 pm the same day. The place wasn’t packed but it wasn’t empty.  In my opinion the perfect amount of people. Enough that the staff isn’t on top of you but not so busy that they are no where to be found.


Salud Brooklyn Cheese Plate

The meal started out with a extra dirty martini and a cheese plate. Well we all know that I am a cheese whore and LOVE ME SOME CHEESEEEEEEEE. Remember Kids cheese is crack! Everything was going well till I heard the words that ALWAYS KILL ME. ” Soft opening”  My smart ass went on the first Day YAY. I have been to more soft opening then I care to remember. Most of them have ended up with Fat Guy having Rocket butt. Do you know what rocket butt is?? THINK ABOUT IT!!  It was already too late to back down my orders have already been placed. I did the only thing that I could do in a situation like this…. Ordered and other martini! ( thankfully no rocket butt and I had a good meal)

Salud Brooklyn Ceviche

Next came out the Ceviche and some other crap. (it wasn’t crap I just don’t remember the name) Guy, gals and who ever else  is reading this the Ceviche was on point. Good clean and fresh. All the flavors were balanced and nothing was over powering.

Salud Brooklyn Fried

These are the craps. I would have them again. But I cant remember the name of the dish to save my life.

Salud Brooklyn New York Strip Steak

The main Course was a lovely New York Strip cooked and matched with its side perfectly. Yes I ate all of this shit by myself. There is a reason why the blog is called fat guy from Brooklyn.

Salud Brooklyn churros

The  churros were the only that was not on the same level as everything else that they served. To be fair I had 2 bowls of rice to riches earlier in the day. I was pretty much full of sugar and rice to riches is the BEST. I will have to try them again.

Overall. I like Salud BKLYN the food is good clean and fresh. What more do you want from a restaurant? The owner was a sweetheart. Spoke to everyone that was there that night.  He  couldn’t sit down but promised to have a drink with me next time. Jose, don’t mess with a fat guys booze! I will hunt you down and Make you drink with me! Plus I would love to interview you more formally.

BTW there is a  beautiful waitress there by the name of Genesis . ( SEGAAA)  That promised to follow me on IG but never did…. GO shame her my minions! Order 66 on HER!!! Joking….. But yea why did you not add me? Is it cause im fat???

Willy the Wine Lover Wine Bottle Stopper

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Bon Chovie Bay Ridge

Bon Jovi!!! YEAAA I mean Bon Chovie! WTF is Bon Chovie you are asking  yourself right now?  Great question… You get a gold star! Bon Chovie is seafood restaurant  in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. There motto is Fresh Fish Fast. Trust me they live up to that motto. I was in  and out of the restaurant in 40 minutes. Let me put it to you in perspective. I ate 2 appetizers, 1 entree and had a dessert and  all of this food was prepared in 40 MINUTES. That,s Nuts just think about it.

The craziest part is that the food was great. Fresh and full of flavor. What more can you ask for?

Bon Chovie Fried AnchoviesThe first appetizer that came out was fried anchovies (Whole fresh anchovies breaded and fried served with smoked paprika mayo).  Not bad not something that I eat everyday. But Hey I would have it again.  The peel and eat prawns(Jumbo prawns steamed with fresh herbs and Old Bay, served with house-made cocktail sauce) came out next. THOSE WERE FUCKING GREAT. I love prawns! They were the prefect size to snack on before the entree was ready.  Bon Chovie Peal And Eat Prawns  Fuck you order THIS Lobster roll (Fresh, juicy claw meat lightly dressed in lemon-mayo served chilled on a warm buttered roll. Served with Old Bay Fries). Order it dont fucking think just order it! Look at that Chucky Lobster! How can you not order it?
Bon Chovie Lobster Roll

THEN order the root beer float.

Root Beer Float Bon Chovie

YES ROOT BEER FLOAT! IT should be named just beer float. What ever the name its a great way to finish the end of the meal.

Bon Choive in  Bay Ridge is worth a try.  BUT YOU MUST GET THE LOBSTER ROLL AND ROOT BEER FLOAT.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

None of us really grew up. We all love the holidays and everything about them. The lights, the candy, the presents, the cinnamon flavored booze and getting to see your family. You HAVE to see them once a year or they’ll start bitching. EVEN really weird religious cousin  that says you’re going to hell. You are BTW its too late to change now, so you might as well enjoy the ride. THe holidays are a perfect time to see them.

This year is a bit different its not as festive. I did my annual trip to the Dyker Heights Christmas lights show and it was WEAK.  Barely half the block that had  Christmas lights or any festive decorations. I remember back in the day ( Yea i just used that saying FML) The WHOLE block was covered with lights. There WERE LINES OF people and cars for blocks.  But this year there maybe have been about 25 people on the block with me. That’s not the Dyker Heights Christmas lights show grew up with at all.  yes the tow main houses had everything lit up like always but

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights (1)

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights (2) Dyker Heights Christmas Lights (3)

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights (4)

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights (5) Dyker Heights Christmas Lights (6)

What Happened? Kids Grew Up? I guess? Brooklyn isn’t what it used to be people don’t care anymore.  Nothing is the same. People just dont give a fuck anymore.  Or is it me?  What traditions do you miss?

Loki Lounge Brooklyn the definition of Chill

Last week, I had a unusual event in my life occur,  its called free time during the week. Lots of thought and deliberation  led me to Loki Lounge in Brooklyn.  Why you ask? Well I saw a picture of their  lamb flat bread on Instagram and wanted some for myself. THERE IS a reason why I am  called THE fat guy from Brooklyn! But seriously look at this beauty.

Loki Lounge lamb Flatbread

As soon as I walked into the Loki lounge there was a zinger of mellow energy. The bartender was super chill and friendly. Loki didn’t feel like a normal downtown Brooklyn bar all stuck up and careless.  You could tell the bartender cared about  what he was doing and the clients. I ordered a extra dirty martini to start the work session.


Loki Lounge dirty martini

Mind you, there is a fireplace and I love fireplaces. Who doesn’t?

Loki Lounge Fireplace

Little bits of ice floating on top of the martini made it look and taste   like something our of a movie. I would recommend the lamb flat bread to anyone that comes here its on point.

The order of shrimp griddles was okay though, the only issue was that there were to many greens and the picture came our shitty.I ordered shrimp not salad. Don’t give me that look I’m fat!

Loki Lounge shrimp griddlesOverall, I really enjoyed the place. Just a chill bar where you can have a drink and not get bothered. Even the people who just walked in for a drink were chill. Just super chill and friendly. Check it out peoples. You’ll like it. I will be back on a Sunday once they have a food menu.

How to Make Holiday White Sangria

White Holiday Sangria original How to Make Holiday White Sangria

A few weeks ago I was suffering the interwebs and spotted the image above. The first thought in my mind was wow that looks pretty dam good. The second after I read the recipe was ” yea this is watered down wine and its not going to get me white girl wasted”. If you like to be classy and control yourself her is the original recipe.

My version is purer and tastes better!  Warning watch out for the ROSEMARY I used too much and it came out well Rosemaryyyyyy and Herby.


1 Granny Smith apple
1 Cup of Frozen Blueberrys
1 heaping Cup Fresh cranberries
1 large Sprig rosemary( If you are letting it sit over night then you may want to take it out, THIS shit is strong)
1 Bottle Pinot grigio
¼ cup sugar


Chop the apples into bit size pieces

Cut the cranberries in half ( you can skip this if you dont like your sangria sour)

Add sugar to taste

Add wine mix and taste

Add frozen blueberries instead of ice. No one wants watered down wine!


White winter Sangria

Now you see how there is a lot of rosemary in my holiday sangria?  DONT USE THAT MUCH. Use Maybe one/ two stems that’s it!


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The Brooklyn Market Cheese Department is the SHIT

the brooklyn market cheese selection
the brooklyn market cheese selection

As you all know by now, I’m a fat ass. I love all food but my favorite is CHEESE. Why? Women love cheese, I love women therefore I love cheese makes sense in my head.  The hard part about cheese is finding a good spot to get it without paying a arm or a leg. After years of searching “European” styled market opened in Bay Ridge.

the brooklyn market

The Brooklyn Market located 8102 3rd Ave in Brooklyn is the SHIT. They have everything a fat ass could want from fresh bread to pre cooked food.  But the main reason why I go there is the CHEESE sampler packs. They have five types french, Italian, goat, Spanish and one more that I don’t remember.

the brooklyn market spanish sampler
the brooklyn market spanish sampler

The samplers are perfect for when you want a little bit of a few different types of cheese  but don’t want any left over from a large package.  You know, If you get a 5 different 1 pound package its going to be gone in 2 days no matter what and then you will feel ashamed of yourself.  Bad fat ass bad fat ass! A sampler is the best solution it has 5 different cheeses and its not that big of a package.  Go get some and enjoy.


Buffalo Cauliflower Recipe

buffalo cauliflower recipe

I want Buffalo WINGS! BADLY. But  yesterday I may have had a little to much too eat. ie a few square pizza slices,  Veal parm with spaghetti, a lamb gyro and  few beers. That was just dinner. Today I will have to be making up for all the face stuffing  by being good fatass. No wings for Fat guy from Brooklyn but he will be having buffalo cauliflower.   The original recipe was done by buff dudes.  I just kicked it up a little bit and made it more me. Like i always say cook for yourself. You don’t need to follow a recipe to the letter. IF you like more of something or less then just fucking do it. You are eating the food not someone else.

Buffalo Cauliflower Recipe Ingredients 

  • 1 Large (6-7 inch Diameter) Cauliflower
  • 3/4 Cup (240grams) Buffalo Sauce  ( I used a mix of Franks red hot and Tabasco
  • 1/4 Cup (57grams) Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt 
  • 2 Tablespoon Garlic Powder
  • Salt & Pepper to taste (  I skipped this and used the Tabasco to taste cause well it is a Buffalo Cauliflower Recipe  not a Salt Cauliflower Recipe )
Buffalo Cauliflower Recipe  Instructions
Preheat your oven to 450.
Cut your cauliflower to a size that will keep you talking the least  otherwise known as bite sized.
In a small bowl combine your Buffalo Sauce, Yogurt and Garlic and whip it up until it’s well blended.
Slowly pour a third over your Cauliflower.  Mix it up, pour another third, mix and pour the last. You’ll want to do this because there’s lots of crevices in the Cauliflower and you want the sauce to cover and coat as much as you can.  The head of cauliflower that i used was too big to fit in to one bowl. Pre measure to make sure that you have enough sauce and space before you waste all of it in one shot
 Spread out the Cauliflower on wax paper
Sprinkle Salt and Pepper if you like.
Bake for 20 minutes then stir and wait 10 more minutes.
Then eat up.  AGAIN  this is food you will be eating  so make it for yourself. My  Buffalo Cauliflower Recipe used normal full fat yogurt. I have a daily caloric burn of almost twice as much as most people.  I only need to limit my caloric intake not starve myself.