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Loki Lounge Brooklyn the definition of Chill

Last week, I had a unusual event in my life occur,  its called free time during the week. Lots of thought and deliberation  led me to Loki Lounge in Brooklyn.  Why you ask? Well I saw a picture of their  lamb flat bread on Instagram and wanted some for myself. THERE IS a reason why I am  called THE fat guy from Brooklyn! But seriously look at this beauty.

Loki Lounge lamb Flatbread

As soon as I walked into the Loki lounge there was a zinger of mellow energy. The bartender was super chill and friendly. Loki didn’t feel like a normal downtown Brooklyn bar all stuck up and careless.  You could tell the bartender cared about  what he was doing and the clients. I ordered a extra dirty martini to start the work session.


Loki Lounge dirty martini

Mind you, there is a fireplace and I love fireplaces. Who doesn’t?

Loki Lounge Fireplace

Little bits of ice floating on top of the martini made it look and taste   like something our of a movie. I would recommend the lamb flat bread to anyone that comes here its on point.

The order of shrimp griddles was okay though, the only issue was that there were to many greens and the picture came our shitty.I ordered shrimp not salad. Don’t give me that look I’m fat!

Loki Lounge shrimp griddlesOverall, I really enjoyed the place. Just a chill bar where you can have a drink and not get bothered. Even the people who just walked in for a drink were chill. Just super chill and friendly. Check it out peoples. You’ll like it. I will be back on a Sunday once they have a food menu.