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Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

None of us really grew up. We all love the holidays and everything about them. The lights, the candy, the presents, the cinnamon flavored booze and getting to see your family. You HAVE to see them once a year or they’ll start bitching. EVEN really weird religious cousin  that says you’re going to hell. You are BTW its too late to change now, so you might as well enjoy the ride. THe holidays are a perfect time to see them.

This year is a bit different its not as festive. I did my annual trip to the Dyker Heights Christmas lights show and it was WEAK.  Barely half the block that had  Christmas lights or any festive decorations. I remember back in the day ( Yea i just used that saying FML) The WHOLE block was covered with lights. There WERE LINES OF people and cars for blocks.  But this year there maybe have been about 25 people on the block with me. That’s not the Dyker Heights Christmas lights show grew up with at all.  yes the tow main houses had everything lit up like always but

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights (1)

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights (2) Dyker Heights Christmas Lights (3)

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights (4)

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights (5) Dyker Heights Christmas Lights (6)

What Happened? Kids Grew Up? I guess? Brooklyn isn’t what it used to be people don’t care anymore.  Nothing is the same. People just dont give a fuck anymore.  Or is it me?  What traditions do you miss?

How to Make Holiday White Sangria

White Holiday Sangria original How to Make Holiday White Sangria

A few weeks ago I was suffering the interwebs and spotted the image above. The first thought in my mind was wow that looks pretty dam good. The second after I read the recipe was ” yea this is watered down wine and its not going to get me white girl wasted”. If you like to be classy and control yourself her is the original recipe.

My version is purer and tastes better!  Warning watch out for the ROSEMARY I used too much and it came out well Rosemaryyyyyy and Herby.


1 Granny Smith apple
1 Cup of Frozen Blueberrys
1 heaping Cup Fresh cranberries
1 large Sprig rosemary( If you are letting it sit over night then you may want to take it out, THIS shit is strong)
1 Bottle Pinot grigio
¼ cup sugar


Chop the apples into bit size pieces

Cut the cranberries in half ( you can skip this if you dont like your sangria sour)

Add sugar to taste

Add wine mix and taste

Add frozen blueberries instead of ice. No one wants watered down wine!


White winter Sangria

Now you see how there is a lot of rosemary in my holiday sangria?  DONT USE THAT MUCH. Use Maybe one/ two stems that’s it!