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Sex Dolls that are beyond real

Sex Dolls that are beyond real
Yes these are sex dolls!!!

A Japanese company has amazed the world with a revolution in sex doll industry. Orient Company which manufactures the sex dolls claims that they have come up with the super realistic non-inflatable dolls. Orient confidently announces that one who buys these sex dolls will never want a girlfriend in life. The company was seeking to reach up to the next level and finally the modern silicon dolls have proved the ”Dutch Wife” to be the perfect artificial girl ever. Japan has the world’s second largest developed economy and the dolls are a part of a high tech industry in the country. ‘Dutch Wives’ is considered a big success in the sex doll industry. Read more at: https://tr.im/cuWnH

Sex doll 1

Holy fuck.These things look real.  For only 6000 they can be yours!! Now we all know the Japanese are sick but this is a bit much no? It looks like a person!   These Sex Dolls  are beyond real Imagine what will be coming out in the next few years. I just want to know how bad do you have to be socially to order one of these? Just think spending 6000 on a sex doll.  That is quite a few hookers or therapy in the case of the owners of these sex dolls.

Sex doll 3