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New York Pizza Project

The New York Pizza Project, its a title just like any other title.I even would have missed the whole article if it wasn’t due to the image of my favorite pizzeria  being in the featured image. Elegante Pizzeria

I have been going  there for years. It is the best pizza in the neighborhood. All the other places are gone or have changed. Yes, there is Pizza Wagon but even White Castles tastes good at 2 am. Just saying… Look we all have our own favorite pizza spots. Anyone in Brooklyn or New York City has a top 5.  We don’t need more then 5 because we WILL travel to get a good slice of pizza.  Let me cut you off L and B suck since they sold it. Need me to repeat that? L and B sucks. Its not the same as it was back in the day. Don’t start with that its all in my head everyone says it you just need to get it through your thick head.  Was that clear enough for you? Stop being a basic bitch. The New York Pizza Project is a coffee table book documenting New York City’s last authentic pizzerias through photography and interviews, with a foreword by New York Times bestselling author, Jonathan Lethem. Its looking into the histroy and the people behind all of the classic pizzerias in  New York city.

the new york pizza project
the new york pizza project

I recommend getting it putting it on your table and looking classy. We all know your not and don’t really care. But its how you should put your hipster neighbors into there place. This book  is a splash of class and something that says yea im old school. Why cause you can say back in the 90s  I was there with my girl blah blah blah.