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Peace Pipe Malbec Reserve

Peace Pipe Malbec
Peace Pipe Malbec


The term “Peace Pipe” arose from the Native American and the idea that smoking the pipe signified peace and friendship. It is an “Honor” to be selected to hold a peace pipe. It is believed it will give the keeper great powers as long as they live an honorable life.

Peace Pipe Malbec Reserve  has an intense ruby red color. Complex and elegant nose with a delicate combination of red fruits and spices, combined with notes of vanilla and chocolate. This wine can be a great companion for well-seasoned meats.


I think you should try it just so you can try it you kno

Black box wines Pinot Grigio AKA Adult Juice boxes

black box wines Pinot Grigio
Black Box Wines Pinot Grigio

Guys, The Time has come to relive your childhood. Remember those juice boxes we all loved? Well they  came out with a adult version. Black Box Wines  serving  sized Pinot Grigio   is 3 glasses per box, 2 if you are from Brooklyn.  It works what can I say about the product. It is what it is. The pricing is fair for what it is. DO  you really expect to get something amazing? No. Will is get you Buzzed Yes.

Done. Black Box Wines Pinot Grigio is here to stay.

Samichlaus Bier (Santa Claus Beer)

samichlaus bier
samichlaus bier

Samichlaus was once the strongest lager beer  in the world, at 14% alcohol by volume. The name means Santa Claus in Swiss German. It was originally brewed by the Hürlimann Brewery in Zürich, Switzerland. Hürlimann’s founder Albert Hürlimann was a world leader in the scientific study of yeast, and the brewery has a long history of yeast development. The Samichlaus Christmas beer was first brewed in 1979 for sale in 1980. Production continued annually until 1997, when the brewery closed. In 2000, it returned, this time produced by Schloss Eggenberg in collaboration with the original Hürlimann brewers, using the original Hürlimann Samichlaus recipe. The beer is only brewed once a year, on December 6 (which is the day of Saint Nicholas), which makes it a relatively rare brew. It is in the style of a Bavarian Doppelbock, and undergoes unusually long fermentation by traditional cold lagering over a ten month period, leaving very little residual sugar in the final beer.