Visiting Grotto for antipasta after a long run

Grotto Hot ANti pasta
Grotto Hot Anti Pasta

This post is Long LONG over due I apologize my loyal followers… Well follower as in ONE person. YOU ARE A DAM CREEPER yes I SEE YOU! CREEP and everyone else You all SUCK! Now back to what we all came here to hear about FOOD and BOOZE.  A couple weeks ago I stopped by Grotto in Bay Ridge for a after run snack.  You know after 6 miles you need a nice healthy meal.  Every growing boy needs martinis and cheese. In my case its was a few martinis and some antipasta. They have a really good selection of antipasta. I went with the Antipasto All’ Italiana  (mixed olives, selection of two cheeses and salami) ( see below) and the hot one above. I dont remember what the name was its Hot antipasta and there was grilled cheese how can you not like it? Over all the food was good the drinks were cold. Only thing I can say was that the martini could have been dirtier. I like them Dirty Dirty. Still stop by its a good spot.


Grotto cold anti pasta
Grotto cold anti pasta

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