Willy the Wine Lover Wine Bottle Stopper

Willy the Wine Lover Wine Bottle Stopper stuck in bottle
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Havent you ever had your will stuck somewhere and couldn’t get it out??? I know I have!  Get the best gag  gift out there! Willy the Wine Lover Wine Bottle Stopper . Cause nothing can break that award moment in the white elephant grab bag better then a good joke.

Willy the Wine Lover Wine Bottle Stopper
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Just let willie STICK it in…. That’s what she said.

When that cute Amazon box arrives, take out your Willy the Wine Lover(tm) and know you are on the road to fun!
You have in your hands the coolest bottle stopper available today.

He is obviously funny as can be, but functional too. He is a tight fit so push him all the way in! Here is what Willy will do for you:
– Make YOU the life of the party!
– You will be the best gift giver if you give them to all your friends!
– He will actually save those partial bottles of wine- although when he is around there is not alot of those!
– You can have some more fun by leaving Willy hidden at a friends house just think of the fun when they find him!

So what separates Willy the Wine Lover(tm) from other bottle stoppers? It is simple- he is the funnest.
He is designed to actually work- there are 2 rubber rings which seal off that bottle tight

That is why we can offer a LMAO 100% no questions asked MONEY BACK guarantee! If your friends do not think this is funny- you need new friends!

So Order NOW by clicking the yellow add to cart button to adopt Willy as part of your party brigade. Make sure to order some for your friends as a housewarming gifts too! It is the best holiday or white elephant gift ever- add him to kitchen accessories

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