Wine-Opoly Monopoly Board Game


Wine-Opoly Monopoly Board Game
Wine-Opoly Monopoly Click on image to Buy

Yes you have  read the title  correctly.  The game that has broken that has broken friendships and ruined more family events then we can count has a off shoot called Wine-Opoly.  How bad… I mean good of a time can mixing a alcoholic beverage with  all the chaos that Monopoly brings? Look don’t even waste your time We all know you were hitting the sauce  when no one was looking its okay. We all do it. Hell my group has a no Monopoly rule for all family orientated events. Just because they think that two of the people may or may not always end up fighting and or arguing over rules. Hey you should really buy  the Wine-Opoly Monopoly Board Game, We are just loud  fucking assholes. :shrugs shoulders: Link is below or just click the picture above or the amazon thing below.

Look your family events suck anyway might as well spice shit up. Worst thing that can happen is they will not invite you back next year.

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